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Monday, February 22, 2010

The iParalegal

I finally broke down and purchased an iPhone this weekend. Below I have provided a list of my favorite apps so far.

1. The Milebug Lite: I drive regularly for my job, and remembering to log my mileage when I make it back to the busy office is quite a chore. The Milebug allowed me to log my milege instantly. It also calculates the value of the trip automatically. Easy peasy!

2. Notes: okay so I know this app isn't anything special on the outside. However, one of my paralegal duties is to inspect the properties at HOAs that we manage. Until today, I would have had to remember to take paper and a pen with me. Since I only have a hundred things going on at the office at any given time, sometimes it is not easy to remember these small but necessary items. And even when I did remember these things, I still had to keep up with the list. Enter the Notes app, which actually comes installed on the magic phone. Now I can take notes directly to my phone then email them instantly to myself. Once again, easy peasy.

3. Words with Friends: Every busy professional needs a few mini-outlets each day. This app provides both a short break and interaction with friends. It is basically another version of the beloved game Scrabble. You play back and forth with a friend either all at once or throughout the day or week. My Boyfriend the Lawyer, who currently lives seven hours away from me, and I have been playing a game for the past two days. When I need a short break at work, I take my turn. When he takes a break, he takes his. Being busy people with demanding jobs, these breaks are few and far between; however, they are a welcome interaction at short intervals during my day.

4. BlogPressLite: This post exists because of this app. No longer do I have to strain to remember some blog idea after hours of waiting to get to my computer. If I have something to say, I get to say it right away. Like magic. My brain says thank you.

I am sure I will find even more useful apps as I go along, but these few have already changed my life. If you other iPhoners have any suggestions, let me know!

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