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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The People at the Office

I have some of the best co-workers a gal could ask for. No matter what other ups and downs my job holds, it has provided me with fun, interesting, and experienced people who are always willing to help or advise me when I need it.

We all come from different backgrounds, but I am definitely the youngest and least experienced. I work with a paralegal who has been involved in the law since she graduated high school, an IT paralegal with a military background, a nurse paralegal, a former plaintiff's paralegal, and a paralegal who knows just about everything about the firm because she has been there longer than any of the rest of us.

When someone's workload gets too heavy we are usually able to count on each other for a little help. When I had the huge trial to prep a few months ago, my office neighbor was constantly reminding me that she was available if I needed her.

I ended up working on that case with my most experienced co-worker, (we'll call her A) so I followed her lead, took some pointers, and made it a point to be available when she needed me. By the end of the trial, we were teammates. I did not necessarily feel like a part of the entire legal team, but I felt like a part of A's team, and that was enough.

I also cannot fail to give a shout out to some of the great attorneys I work with who use their knowledge of the firm to give me helpful work advice and who try to give me interesting assignments when they are available. They seem to understand and empathize with my never-ending hunger for substantive work when I am surrounded by assignments to organize files.

I work with some great people. They keep my work environment interesting, and a few of them are becoming pretty neat friends.