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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Screenplay Idea

The Boss: (In letter) Dear Client, we told you several months ago that if you wish to pursue your case, you'll need to move forward by a certain date. After that date, your claim might be barred.

[Time passes.]

Paralegal: Hello, Mr. So-And-So, please contact us at your earliest convenience, preferably before _________(date).

[Time passes.]

The Boss: (In letter) Dear Client, after ______(date), we may be unable to pursue your claim because it will likely be barred by the statute of limitations. If you wish to move forward, you must contact us immediately.

[Time passes.]

The Boss: (to The Paralegal) Well, we've done everything we can. Just let it go.

[The critical date arrives. The Paralegal is checking afternoon messages, and one of them is from the Client.]

Client: I would like to come in to discuss my case to get ready to sue these people. How about next week some time?

[Camera pans to Paralegal's face; fade to black.]


  1. It's scary because it's incredibly true and happens every day. Hahaha.

  2. I like it. Let's get some financing and film an indie flick :)

  3. Too much reality in this one for me. And as always, awesome writing!