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Friday, January 29, 2010

Another Dive In

I caught the second episode of the infamous Deep End today, and I was pleasantly surprised that while it did not improve much, it was not worse than the first episode.

I still feel as if the women are the only interesting characters of the whole bunch, and that the men exist simply as plot instruments. But I was sad to see that it appears the most interesting character, Katie the paralegal, is already irrelevant to the show. Her budding relationship with What'sHisFace FirstYear came to a screeching halt when her other relationship with one of the partners fell apart. Let this be a lesson to all you young paralegals out there with amazing hair: sleeping with the boss is a baaaaaad idea, especially when his wife is also your boss. Not only can is screw up your social life, it might wreck your career. Or at least, it will force you to take your career to Montana, and no one wants that.

I'm still smirking at the various unrealistic story lines. Like the fact that the first-years are taking on their own cases within two weeks of being licensed. Or the crazy client antics. And who are all the beautiful mystery ladies constantly showing up to kiss the British/Australian guy? Are they other lawyers? Other paralegals? Secretaries? Prostitutes? We have no idea where they are coming from.

All in all, I'm disappointed that they seem to be getting rid of Katie the paralegal. Aside from the fact that she has failed the bar exam FOUR times, she seems pretty proficient at her paralegal job. When she is not sleeping with coworkers or the boss or pissing off another boss by sleeping with her husband, she is researching and helping the first years prepare for pre-trial conferences. In fact, the team work that was exhibited in this second episode between Katie and Beth was actually exactly what I would like to see between paralegals and attorneys.

My only consolation with Katie's departure is that she is apparently being promoted to point person for due diligence with some team in Montana.

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  1. Love those TV writers for creating a due diligence team in Montana. I guess Katie should count her blessings that she didn't get run over by a Los Angeles tour bus...:P