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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Have Yourself a Very Happy Administrative Professionals Day

One year ago tomorrow, I walked into the office to find a box of a half dozen glazed Krispy Kreme doughnuts on my desk. I was delighted. I just knew they were left there for me in honor of Administrative Professionals Day. That the Boss even remembered something like that made my day. The next day, when I arrived at the office, I found a vase of orange roses, a hand-written note, a DVD, and a lil' bonus to top it all off. That's when I realized the Boss had gotten his days mixed up and the doughnuts had just been one of his normal niceties.

This year, three weeks into my new job at the Memphis firm, I know I will go under appreciated. I accept it. No one knows me well enough to see me as an asset yet. But nevertheless, I do get a free lunch and a paid half day off tomorrow. It isn't flowers and a card, but I suppose it'll do.

Now, onto the business of the day. I'm in my third week at the new firm, and like I said, I haven't yet made myself indispensable. I am trying, but I am also learning that there must be a balance regarding office politics.

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

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  1. Honestly it would be nice to be recognized in some way at all. I am a paralegal in Ohio and therefore administrative assistant's day is viewed as being for the secretaries and receptionists. All is well and good with recognizing only these people on this day, however, I have to admit, I sort of dread admin professionals day. I kind of feel like chopped liver. The firm sends out gifts to all of the secretaries and receptionists to let them know they are appreciated. To make matters worse, I'm quite well aware that Ohio has a Paralegal Day, however, apparently only paralegals are aware of this. The day comes and goes and not a word is said. I know I shouldn't expect a special day, but does hurt a bit to know I have done just as much essential work as the secretaries/receptionists if not more and to not even get a Happy Paralegal Day when it rolls around or at least a thanks on admin. professional day if they don't know about paralegal day. Trust me, I'd love a free lunch and a paid half day! :)