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Thursday, April 22, 2010


Today I had a revelation. As I was sorting my growing task list, and as my attorneys brought me various and sundry assignments, I realized that I was digging my feet in. Because of the nature of a new job, I have been easy, wide-eyed, passive, and free-moving at the office. I have been soaking up firm culture but shying away from making my own mark.Taking it all in and working hard, but playing catch-up.

Until today. Suddenly, as my newly assigned attorney was explaining to me how he wants me to present my research on possible expert witnesses, I felt as if my feet had stopped sliding, as if some small part of me had taken root. I can't say that I feel home yet, or that I ever will. But the new firm and its inhabitants are starting to grow on me. From the quirky partner who planted beautiful spring flowers all over our balcony and is making an associate water them, to the friendly runner who says she doesn't mind that I sent her to the courthouse to make copies of 60+ pleadings, to the smokers who parade through my office several times a day to get to the balcony (the door is in my office). If I can't be working for the Boss, then I might as well be working here. And though it may not seem like it, that is quite the compliment.

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