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Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 1 In The Life

The title of this first entry is a bit misleading. This is actually somewhere around Day 600 of the sweet, sweet paralegal life.

First, some background. I am the paralegal to a solo practice attorney in a town so small you can hold your breath driving through. For awhile we were the only law office. In a town of 150 people, do you really need more than one attorney? The answer, of course, is yes, we always need more attorneys. To date, there are now four lawyers in the small town of 150 people, but each new office has gracefully selected practice areas my attorney detests. We send nasty divorces one block down and criminal matters two blocks past that. Since criminal matters in the town usually revolve around the town drunk stumbling home (public intox), and since small town southern folk don't get divorces (or at least don't like everyone else at church knowing about it), we still get to keep a large portion of the market share in our sleepy little town. In my short time as a paralegal, I have been exposed to all types of cases, ranging from estate contests (rarely a prize for the winner) to estate planning. And everything 360 degrees between.

You may call me Mel. Personally, I have a hard time deciding whether paralegalism is just a stop on the way to lawyerhood or the beginning of a long career as legal staff. The more acquainted I become with my field, the more enticing my current position seems.

The intent of this blog is to purely selfish. As an English graduate, communication is my outlet. However, if you are able to achieve some level of enjoyment at my expense, my words are all the more valuable. So welcome, read to your heart's content, feel free to comment, and please return often. You never know what to expect.

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