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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Youth, Inexperience, Naivety

Ah being young. It has its perks. The youthful energy, the fresh perspective on the world, and the constant, everyday learning that occurs in the sharp yet sometimes overzealous brain.

But youth has its downfalls. Naivety is one such downfall.

My default setting is trust, and no matter how many times I learn against it, the lesson never sticks. I can't help but trust what people say and how they represent themselves.

Countless times, I have been excited and intent on getting to work on a prospective client's case right after the initial interview, and the Boss has simply said, "That person was not telling the truth." I don't know how he knows it. He tells me that it is a result of his being jaded by time and experience. Perhaps in three more years I, too, will be so discerning.

But for now I still swallow every line with a smile.


  1. Jaded by time and experience ... yeah, I'm getting there. I started out like you, and now, after 3+ years, I'm looking for holes in the client's or witness' story more than I empathize with him/her. It's sad, and I noticed that this attitude even migrated over into my private life. If there is money to be gained, (some/many/most) people will lie. Fact of Life.