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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Why Paralegals Need to Help Market Their Law Firms - by Jay S. Fleischman, Esq.

When you're a paralegal it's easy to get caught up in the, "I am not as powerful as the lawyer," frame of mind. After all, it isn't your name on the door.

The problem is that the mindset ultimately threatens to become the reality. You're at the mercy of the lawyer, chasing him or her for basic information and bearing the brunt of bad days in court, spousal feuds, and just the notion of, "s**t rolling downhill."

How does a smart paralegal level the playing field and make the lawyer realize the true value of a great right-hand (or left-hand) man (or woman)? Simple, really - start bringing in business.
Did you think I was going to recommend that you become better educated about the law? Better organized? Show up on time? Not so, dear reader.

Because the reality is that the law firm is a business, and that business runs on profit. Without profit, there's no firm. No firm, no job for you come to Monday morning. And this reality is made all the more pointed when you consider that increased competition and a harsh economic landscape is causing more law firms to downsize and even simply vanish.

When you take a hand in your law firm's legal marketing efforts, you are getting closer to the firm's target audience - the people who can benefit from the services your office provides. You're not hawking wares on the street, you're educating people and hoping to guide them into your firm.
In so doing, you enable your firm to bring in more clients and, ultimately, make more money. When you do that, you force the lawyers to look at you with respect; you're not merely some person pushing paper back and forth in a cubicle, you're a valued member of the team. A member who helps pay the rent and keep the lights on.

Is this crass? Not at all. Sure, education and organization matter when it comes to doing your job well. But even the most well-informed paralegal can find himself or herself on the unemployment rolls if there isn't enough work coming in the door.

So long as the coffers are full, your employer will be more likely to not only treat you with the respect that is due to you, but will also be more receptive to your requests and direction.

After all, it's bad form to bite the hand that feeds you.


Jay S. Fleischman is a New York bankruptcy lawyer as well as a legal marketing consultant. Visit for tips and insights on how to market, manage and grow a profitable law firm.

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